Zeil, Frankfurt

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    Zeil, Frankfurt
    Shopping on the Zeil
    For more than half-a-century, the Zeil – Frankfurt’s main shopping district – has been thrilling locals and visitors who enjoy top-notch shopping experiences. Often dubbed “The Golden Mile” or “The Fifth Avenue of Germany”, the Zeil has something for everyone.

    The Zeilgalerie
    Located on the Zeil, the Zeilgalerie is equally as renowned for its architecture as for its shops. This shopping center, opened in 1992, is 10 stories tall and features a unique spiral-shaped interior. Architects Kramm and Streigal decided to make the interior floors slope so that a visitor is able to walk to the top of the building without stairs or escalators. Instead, shoppers can get from top to bottom of this modern glass and steel structure via centrally-located escalators (nearly a dozen) or a ramp, making it very accessible for the handicapped.turkeyarena.com

    Situated between two large department stores, this shopping center includes a number of stores peddling electronics and music as well as clothing and is home to several restaurants. A fun-to-visit rooftop terrace provides a panoramic view of the city.

    To be completed in 2010, the PalaisQuartier will be located directly on the Zeil. The highly-anticipated project will incorporate an existing Baroque-style city palace (Thurn and Taxis Palais, built in the early 18th century but mostly demolished during WWII) with modern architecture and amenities.

    Futuristic office and hotel towers will be included as well as a number of wonderful stores and restaurants. About 48,000 square meters will be dedicated to retail space at the 6-story Zeilforum, with an additional 21,000 earmarked for “food and fun”. Approximately 42,000 square meters will also be set aside for offices in the new Tower at the Thurn and Taxis Palais.


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