Vodka Museum Amsterdam

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    Vodka Museum Amsterdam

    On a most busy spot of Amsterdam, in an old townhouse - a small, modern museum has been launched responding to the growing popularity of vodka in the world. What vodka has to do with Amsterdam? – You may ask. Not much more than with any other big city, but Vodka Museum sited close to the nightlife heart of Amsterdam is fun.

    The museum features a miniature modern exhibit about the history of vodka in Russia, called World of Vodka, the collection of unusual vodka bottles where some of them look like the crown jewels of Russian tsars or miniature of the Moscow’s Kremlin, whilst another has a characteristic shape of an AK-47 machine gun. On the walls the anti-alcoholism Soviet propaganda posters are exhibited. You may also find there a modern and very comfortable vodka bar, a multimedia lounge with a projection of a film about history and production of the Dutch vodka and of course - a Museum shop selling… 80 sorts of vodka.

    The feel
    A small, intelligent museum. While its exhibit is minute, the Museum Bar is always open - we recommend both to any fan of vodka. You will combine learning more about the liquor with fun. Along with the Hermitage Amsterdam, Vodka Museum is one more Russian outpost in the city.

    Every day 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.

    Admission: 2008
    adults - € 7,50; seniors 65+, students - € 6,-; Children age 5-15 - € 4,-
    Each visitor receives a small gift. Children receive a non-alcoholic gift.

    Drunken visitors will not be admitted to the museum.

    How to get there:
    You will find the Vodka Museum on Damrak, almost in front of the Central Station. The distance is walking – 2 minutes walk from the Central Station, 3 minutes walk from the Dam square.

    VodkaMuseum Amsterdam
    Damrak 33
    1012 LK Amsterdam
    Telephone: +31 20 528 60 35


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