Tropenmuseum -Tropical Museum, Amsterdam

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    Tropical Museum, Amsterdam

    This museum is one of Amsterdam hidden treasures. Located off city centre in a beautiful old building in East Amsterdam (Amsterdam Oost), Tropenmuseum often remains forgotten, like an old collection of post stamps. However, if you are interested in other cultures, other countries and distant lands - do no miss it. Tropenmuseum exhibit is modern, fascinating on many levels and inspiring. Moreover - a great museum to visit with kids, it is like a journey to all exotic.

    A word of history
    Tropenmuseum has been created in 1864 in Haarlem, as the Colonial Museum and later (1910) moved to Amsterdam. After 1949, when a Dutch colony of Indonesia (former Dutch East Indies) became independent, the Museum became part of the Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, researching the life in distant countries, not necessarily primitive cultures – simply different, than a Western tradition.

    The exhibit
    A visit to the Tropenmuseum starts on the second floor accessible with a big lift. The show is divided by continents. It begins with South America and through Africa reaches Asia and the Antilles on the first floor. Additionally, on the ground floor, there is an exhibition on Man & Environment and to the left from the entry Tropenmuseum Junior – a separate part of the museum dedicated for children, but aimed at mainly at Dutch schools, less at the young international

    The whole museum is divided into many smaller exhibits – each of them unique and modern in its presentation with the use of multimedia, light, sound, even smell and often beautiful decors. However the main value of the Tropenmuseum is its collection. The exhibited objects have unique historical and esthetical value. Each of the exhibits is like a journey through a mysterious, exotic territory.

    An object with a story
    Each month the curators select few objects from the immense collection of the Tropenmuseum and present them in special way, telling the whole story behind it and tracing its route before it arrived at the museum’s collection. A special information card is given to visitors looking at these objects.

    The feel
    This is a huge and rich museum. Nevertheless, because the whole middle part of the building was constructed as a large gallery open through all floors, it never overwhelms the visitor. No thick air. Space and transparency all over the place. Modern and intelligent presentation makes the visit pleasant to a larger public, including children.

    Every day from 10 am till 5 pm
    On 5, 24 31 December from 10 am till 3 pm
    Closed on January 1st, April 30th, May 5th and December 25th

    Tropenmuseum has been prepared to receive the handicapped visitors.

    Admission: 2008
    Adults and minors from age of 17 years - € 7,50; children and minors younger than 17 – € 4,-, family day ticket € 20,- , older people 65+ and students (ID required) € 6,-. Free entry with the Museumkaart. Audio tour in Dutch, English, French and German is free of charge; € 5,- reimbursable deposit for the headphones. The museum shop is selling interesting objects from other lands, as beautiful original African masks. The shop is accessible only with the entry ticket.

    Visiting address:
    Linnaeusstraat 2, 1092 Amsterdam
    Telephone +31 (20) 568 8215
    Fax +31 (20) 568 8331

    How to get there:
    - walking: from the Waterlooplein along the Plantage Middenlaan (10 minutes)
    - by public transport: trams lines 9, 14 from the Central Station (exit on the stop Alexanderplein); tram 10 (stop Alexanderplein); bus 22 (stop Eerste van de Swindenstraat).(
    - by car: drive away from the city centre along Plantage Middenlaan from the Waterlooplein; pass Artis (on your left) and cross two bridges on canals. The Tropenmuseum will be just in front of you. Park in one of the streets nearby (metered parking). Driving from the ring, take an exit S113 and drive direction to the city centre. After about 2 miles (3 km) at the roundabout, you will see the red brick museum building on your left.



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