Tower of London

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    Tower of London
    The construction of the Tower of London was initiated by William the Conqueror in 1070. It was built to enforce the power of the king over the newly conquered country. The Tower of London was strategically built near the river Thames and consists of almost 20 towers in total.

    White Tower
    The original tower is the so-called White Tower, completed in 1080. It is 27.4 meters high and 4.6 meters wide. The name comes from the white stone used in the tower.

    Crown Jewels
    The Tower of London houses a collection of Jewellery, displayed for the public. It is a practice introduced by King Charles II who wanted to impress his subjects. The collection includes the Imperial State Crown, covered with no less than 3250 splendid precious stones. It was made for Queen Victoria for who the 2.2 kg weighing St. Edward's kings crown was too

    Royal Armories
    Another must-see collection in the Tower of London is the Royal Armories. This museum can claim to be the oldest museum displayed in England. The collection includes the armories of king Hendrik VIII, one of the largest armories in the world. The Royal Armories also include Asian and Islamic weapons, among the an elephant shield, confiscated in 1757 by Clive in India.



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