The Ring, Vienna

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    The Ring, Vienna

    Stroll along Vienna's splendid boulevard and admire it as a window on the former Habsburg monarchy ...

    In 1857, the city wall and its bastions were razed, and during the following years this splendid grand boulevard encircling the city was created. It contains a typical cross-section of government buildings, private mansions, spacious squares and parks, monuments and elegant cafés.

    Take a trip turn around the old city and see Otto Wagner's Post Office Building, the Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna's City Park, the Vienna State Opera, the Imperial Palace, the Museums of Fine Arts and Natural History, Parliament, the Burgtheater, the University and the Stock Exchange ...

    Vienna Ring Tram
    Explore Vienna’s magnificent ring boulevard with all its glorious sights such as the State Opera House, Imperial Palace, Parliament, Vienna City Hall and much more while enjoying the audio-visual information offered by the multimedia system! You will find the exact departure times (every 30 minutes!) posted at all the stops labelled with the Ring Tram symbol.

    You can get to know Vienna’s wonderful boulevard, the Ringstrasse, comfortably from the Vienna Ring Tram – all year round , daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m .

    Inside the wagons (40 seats), LCD screens inform you about the highlights along the route, supplemented by information in several languages on the

    The tram will run on a hop-on-hop-off basis , stopping at selected stations to pick up and drop off passengers, and a separate ticket will be required.

    Starting 4 April 2009

    Round-the-Ring Tickets:
    1 complete ride around the Ring with no stops, duration 30 minutes;
    24-hour Ring Tram ticket: You can get on and off at any station, valid for 24 hours


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