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    Whatever you did to ourselves mortal life, our place in the Hereafter Preparing your questions, our prayer ölümüşlerinizin souls, captured live by sharing the pain, my condolences

    Accept our prayers, forgive our mistakes our prayer Lord, bless our souls in heaven give good news Venue Sağolsun We're glad tidings to heaven

    Dear Family of the deceased who died in our prayer, Spicy express our condolences to the grieving family.

    We will have come from soil to soil, the soil we live we give account of life, We share your pain in our souls, our prayer Conditions Your Heart, get your head right.

    God bless the location of heaven will welcome our prayer, we share your pain you give God the power and the relatives of the family.

    We pray for the deceased, Spicy express our condolences to his family, the place of heaven the soul Rest in Peace.

    Kavuşan away on late / Merhumeye Almighty Allah's mercy, patience, hope grieving family. Place of Heaven Nur Forums condolences .. get ..

    Life is like a flower, then fade off as the water is flowing and coming dominated by sadness when the day comes it spicy. Deceased / Merhumeye to the patience you wish God to have mercy. Let heaven pardon the sins of space.

    Man is born to live and die grows, it is important to get right We're Whether Muhteremle Current Time in the Duties of the prayers.

    Income bitter realities of life hits you expect to one day at a time, Share Your Spirit We Pray deepest heartfelt condolences.

    My condolences to get a lot of sins to get good sides of paradise

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