Statue of Frederick the Great, Berlin

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    Statue of Frederick the Great, Berlin

    Admiring the Statue
    Visitors to Berlin have the opportunity to view quite a number of statues or sculptures, but the Reiterdenkmal Friedrichs des Grossen (Equestrian Statue of Frederick the Great) is among the grandest in the city.

    Historians say that it took nearly 70 years, 40 artists, and 100 designs to determine the final plan for the equestrian statue of the much-revered Frederick the Great. Finally, construction of the statue began in 1839 under the watchful eye of its creator, Christian Daniel Rauch.

    Rauch had devised his design nearly 10 years before construction actually began, and by the time it was completed in 1851, the artist had spent nearly 20 years of his life working on this single project.

    The 13.5 meter high (44ft) statue sits on the Unter den Linden between The State Library and Humboldt University. It spent several years in Potsdam at the Sanssouci Palace before being returned to Berlin in 1980.

    The bronze statue is wonderfully ornate and a treat for the eye. Frederick sits atop Conde, his favorite horse, dressed in his formal uniform – coronation robes, tri-cornered hat, and top boots. He carries a long stick.

    The pedestal is three-tiered. The lower part includes 4 tablets emblazoned with the names of 60 men proclaimed to be leading figures in Germany at the time of construction. Just above the tablets are life-sized statues of 4 cavalry commanders, stationed at each corner. They are Prince Henry of Prussia, Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick and Generals Friedrick Wilhelm von Saydlitz and Hans Joachim von

    On the same level are 21 statues that depict the most outstanding generals of Frederick’s army as well as additional statues of other leading figures in politics, art, and science. Closer to Frederick’s feet, visitors will find bas-reliefs of scenes from Frederick’s life and other figures, such as female allegories representing the virtues of a ruler.



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