Stade de France

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    Stade de France
    The role of the Stade de France is to host France's major sporting events in three main sporting disciplines : football (soccer), rugby, athletics.
    The organisation in France of an event on a worldwide scale - the last Football World Cup of the century that was held in 1998 - made the construction of these major facilities possible.

    Designed by the architects Macary -Zublena - Regembal - Costantini and built in 3 years, it will be operated over a period of 27 years by the Consortium Bouygues - GTM - Entrepose - SGE, this is no typical stadium.

    This stadium enables France to host major sporting events and music concerts. Its 80 000 capacity (seated and covered) is equivalent to the population of Avignon. With a level of comfort superior to that of existing stadiums and equipped with facilities unequalled in France, it is set to be an exceptional arena hosting far from ordinary
    It is adapted to companies and opened 365 days a year.

    A total of 1 750 000 spectators are attending every year forty or so events. 35 sport events (30 football/soccer meetings including 20 home club fixtures or, failing this, visiting clubs 5 rugby meetings) and 5 large concerts or other kinds of cultural events.

    An exceptional venue
    The Stade is also able to play a role within the corporate relationship strategies of companies. Companies organising PR events can entertain clients in superb surroundings, hiring a private box or organising conferences, trade exhibitions or seminars in the stadium's indoor facilities. Open every day of the year, the Stade de France offers several shopping and restaurant areas. Regular events are also held on the esplanade. After a ( few years of opening, the Stade de France is already figuring high on the list of tourist attractions, as a showcase for both French architecture and technology. On average the site receives 250 visitors a day, already fulfilling its future role as an exceptionally welcoming venue.

    Practical information
    How to get there
    By car: take the Paris-Lille A1 motorway exit Saint-Denis-Centre.
    A86 motorway exit Saint-Denis la Plaine
    RER D, (station) gare Stade de France - St Denis
    RER B, (station) gare La Plaine-Stade de France.
    Metro Line 13, station St denis - Porte de Paris
    Bus 256, bus-stop avenue du President Wilson
    Bus 302, bus-stop Cornillon

    Every day, except events, from 10 am to 6 pm



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