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    Sony HX1 Kullanıcıları derneği
    Selam Arkadaşlar Sony HX1 bu başlık altında toplansın, ilerleyen postlarda inceleme ve kullanıcı görüşlerine yer verilsin

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    Güzel olmuş ATA bu konu,HX1 şu sıralar en rağbet gören makinelerin başında geliyor,kullanıcı arkadaşları bekleriz.
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    Dpreview tarafından detaylı incelemesi.

    Conclusion - Pros
    Decent resolution for such an ambitious lens
    Good color, generally accurate focus gives a high 'hit rate' even in auto mode
    Huge photographic versatility with 28-560mm lens and auto macro mode
    Image stabilization works well (and can be used in movie mode)
    Ultra fast 10 fps continuous shooting mode (limited to 10 frames)
    Fast focus for a camera of this type
    HD video capture with high quality stereo sound
    Unique sweeping panorama mode
    In-camera image stacking for reduced noise (Twilight mode)
    Many user selectable image parameters including noise reduction
    Wide ISO range from 125 to 3200
    Long life lithium ion battery
    Solid construction and good handling
    Impressively little distortion for such a large lens
    Enjoyable and easy to use
    Good screen, bright and clear with tilting up and down up to 90 degrees
    Customizable shortcut button
    Pretty good macro performance

    Conclusion - Cons
    Pixel level quality not great; visible sharpening and NR artefacts
    ISO 800 - 3200 noisy and of limited use
    Noise reduction destroys fine detail at anything over ISO 400, effects visible at base ISO
    Electronic view finder is low resolution and small
    Focus hunts in low light situations
    Lens zooming action quite slow
    Takes a long time to turn on and off
    Continuous shooting locking you out for up to 17 seconds can be quite frustrating
    Quite expensive
    Uses Memory Stick

    Detail Rating (out of 10)
    • Build quality 8.0
    • Ergonomics & handling 8.0
    • Features 8.5
    • Image quality 7.5
    • Optics 8.0
    • Performance (speed) 8.5
    • Value 7.5
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    Bu makinenin kullanıcısı varsa fotoğraf eklerse iyi olur.
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