Shopping in Rome

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    Shopping in Rome
    The Eternal City has so much to offer in terms of high-quality shopping experiences that it might as well be nicknamed the City of Endless Shopping Opportunities. Rome has a completely unique blend of old and new, and it's difficult to resist a seductive perpective of a stroll down its avenues, surrounded by an extraordinary combination of the finest examples of architecture from all epochs.

    Italy's culinary delights can be purchased at open-air market stalls and specialty shops scattered all over the city. Popular locations include:

    Campo de'Fiori Market, held at Piazza Campo de'Fiori during the week, is a great source for fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

    Castroni is a renowned food specialty shop chain with 8 locations all over the city.

    Shop Review: Degli Effetti
    Massimo Degli Effetti's spectacular three fashion studios are located across the square from the Pantheon. The women’s department is the exclusive selling point of the E2 line, which includes vintage outfits from the likes of Dior, Chanel and Laurent redecorated with lace applications. Fashion enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the neon-strapped newspaper bags from John Galiano and Comme des Garçons on the racks. In the menswear section, customers can browse through collections from Prada and Y3. The modern design and more affordable goods selection of the Millenium Section will certainly be of some appeal to younger customers.

    Adrdress: Piazza Capranica, 75, 79, 93
    Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 10 a.m.-2 p.m and 3 7:30 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

    Take Home

    Old Prints
    A scene of a Roman piazza as it looked like 100 years ago will adorn your wall and always remind you of your visit to this magnificent city. Prints are best bought off the street market stalls.

    The good quality of Italian hand-painted ceramics is world-famous. You might want to freshen up your flat's decor with some patterned tiles and kitchenware.

    Leather Accessories
    Though often really pricey, Italian-produced leather goods are known to be of excellent quality. Your options range from internationally known designer labels to independent boutiques.

    Glass Jewellery
    The multitude of jewellery and bead shops will help you find (or create!) a perfect souvenir that will become an integral part of your collection.

    Religious Items
    Home to the Vatican, Rome is an obvious centre of all types of Christian devotional art. Numerous shops in the centre offer a wide selection of paintings, prints, books, figures, etc.

    As the capital of the country that has produced some of the greatest names in the history of fashion, Rome boasts an overwhelming range of shopping options in terms of clothing and accessories. Though many believe it to be much less fashion-oriented than Milan, it remains an obligatory destination for all designer-label collectors. An ideal itinerary would include:


    Via Condotti begins at the base of the legendary Spanish Steps . As Rome's principal shopping mile, it's sometimes referred to as the Roman Madison Avenue. Its super-posh, exclusive boutiques are targeted at the world's wealthiest, but the lush window displays and fancy parade of elegant shoppers constitute a spectacle that nobody should miss.

    Via Borgognon and Via Frattina retain an equally posh atmosphere with their neo-Classical and Baroque facades, framing boutiques such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Bulgari and many others.

    Via del Corso is of a slightly less chic profile and holds establishments of popular brands that ordinary shoppers will find more affordable. One of the few Roman department stores, La Rinascente, can also be found here.

    Viale Marconi is situated a short bus ride away from the centre, and has been a popular spot for younger shoppers. A huge department store called Gruppo Clark offers excellent bargains during the sales season.

    Via Monti is the place for vintage and funky fashion lovers.

    Art & Antiques
    Rome is universally known as a Mecca for art collectors and connoiseurs. It’s also considered one of the most expensive destinations to shop for antique furniture and collectibles. While you're likely to come across many marvellous pieces, don't hope for equally astonishing bargains. Below you'll find some of the most recommendable shopping locations, which have an almost mythical reputation among connoiseurs.


    Via dei Coronari, in Campo Marzio, is every art collector's dream. The street is home to over 40 antique shops and studios selling a wide selection of rare examples of refectory tables, chandeliers, urns, vases, pedestals, etc.

    Via del Babuino holds several of the most reputable art dealers' establishments, such as Alberto di Castro, selling precious prints and engravings.

    Via dei Sediari has a long-standing tradition in the production of original furniture.

    Via dei Cappellari is famous for its renowned workshops of traditional carpentry and antique furniture

    Via dei Gigli d'Oro is home to several noteworthy studios selling reproductions of ancient mosaics.

    Mercato delle Stampe takes place from Monday to Saturday at Largo della Fontanella di Borghese and is a must for those seeking old maps, books, postcards, stamps and magazines.




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