Shopping in Moscow

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    Shopping in Moscow
    Okhotny Ryad Shopping Center.
    A relatively new, three-level underground shopping center, [​IMG][​IMG]Okhotny Ryad took a while to catch on but is now a bustling shopping destination – one of Moscow’s busiest. Prices are generally expensive but it’s possible to find some good bargains there. The three levels house high-class clothing and jewelry outlets but there are plenty of more ‘democratic’ shops as well. Downstairs is a large food court and a few coffee shops.
    Address: Manezhnaya Ploshchad, #1, metro Okhotny Ryad. Tel: 737-8849.

    MEGA/IKEA Complex.
    The massive Mega shopping center is one of the first sites people arriving to Moscow via Sheremetyevo airport will see. A popular shopping destination for all purposes, it’s a hassle to reach without a car but you can find cheap goods here. Major department stores in the complex include IKEA, Stockmann and Ashan. Then there is a huge amount of other shops selling all sorts of goods, a large food court and entertainment venues including arcade game parlors and a cinema. It can be reached by free courtesy buses leaving Rechnoy Vokzal metro.
    Address: Leningradskoye Shosse, 24km, metro Rechnoy Vokzal. Tel: 221-1390. Open 10:00-22:00.


    The famous department store that stretches along one side of Red Square for some 242 meters, GUM is a popular place with tourists. Comprising of some 200 shops, you can buy just about anything you need here, but generally you’ll pay much more for goods here than elsewhere. Shops range from exclusive, upmarket boutiques to popular chain outlets and from fast food cafes to elegant restaurants. The three-level, glass-roofed building is quite exquisite and well worth exploring even if you’re not shopping.
    Address: Red Square, #3, metro Ploshchad Revolutsii. Tel: 921-5763. Open 10:00-22:00.

    Detsky Mir.
    A chain of department stores with an emphasis on children, the main Detsky Mir at Lubyanka is a towering multi-level complex. With the focus on kids, this is the place to go for toys and children’s clothes. It can also be useful for anyone seeking office supplies, with an extensive range on the lower floor, and there are also sports shops and jewelry outlets here as well.
    Address: Teatralny Proezd, #5, metro Lubyanka. Tel: 781-0950. Open Mon-Sat 9:00-21:00, Sun 10:00-21:00.


    Stary Arbat.
    The lazy tourist’s destination for souvenirs, the stalls
    n Stary Arbat feature exaggerated prices, a limited range and average quality. The vendors are quite persistent but there is not as much room for bargaining here as there is at Vernisazh. You will be rewarded by slightly lower prices if you make the effort to trek down to the far end of the street (the Smolenskaya end). Surprisingly enough though, you will actually be better off dropping into one of Stary Arbat’s many dedicated souvenir shops than buying at the stalls. The shops are often cheaper, the quality is usually better and the staff are actually helpful.(
    Address: Stary Arbat Ulitsa, metro Arbatskaya/Smolenskaya.

    Historical Museum Souvenir Shop.
    Considering the location this souvenir [​IMG]shop boasts remarkably fair prices. Specializing in craftwork, you won’t find much in the way of Soviet-era regalia here. But you will find an extensive range of matrioshka, khokhloma and all the other famous Russian ornaments. Many of them are of quite exquisite quality. Staff are helpful if you make the effort to draw their attention away from their pressing magazine-reading or television-watching duties.
    Address: Red Square, #1/2, metro: Ploschad Revolutsii. Ph. 292 1320.


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