Royal Mews, London

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    Royal Mews, London
    The Royal Mews, located beside Buckingham Palace, is the headquarters for the department of the Royal Household, which provides transport by road via both motorcars and horse-drawn carriages for The Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

    History of the Royal Mews
    Established shortly after King George III purchased Buckingham Palace in 1760, the Royal Mews has always been an important part of the royal home in London, even in modern times when automobile travel is the norm and horses and carriages are only used for special occasions.

    It seems that England’s royal families have always had an affinity for horses. When John Nash remodeled Buckingham Palace in 1820, he took the small stables and turned them into a grand structure, recognizing their importance to the then royal family. When Queen Victoria assumed the throne less than two decades later in 1837, she enhanced the Royal Mews yet again.

    Throughout the decades, other additions have been made, including a riding school, a forge, and more stables. The mews also now houses the royal family’s fleet of automobiles as well as 30 horses, plus living quarters for the horses’ handlers and their families. (The current Queen Elizabeth prefers Cleveland Bays, so visitors will see many horses of that variety.)

    State Coaches
    A visit to the Royal Mews allows guests a look at a permanent display of impressive State vehicles, thirty ceremonial horse-drawn carriages and the magnificent Gold State Coach, which is only used for coronations or very special occasions, like the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in

    Visiting the Royal Mews
    There is a small admission charge to tour the Royal Mews, but the majority of the funds are used for the upkeep of the building and the care of animals that live inside. Guided tours depart at regular intervals throughout the day, from March through October. Special family activities are held at the Royal Mews on Saturday and Sunday, with fun and educational events geared for children up to age 11.




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