Rocky Tombs, Fethiye, Turkey

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    Rocky Tombs, Fethiye
    Likya Rocky Tombs 4th century B. C. monuments from Lycia period within city are drawing interest. These are the tombs excavated to natural rocks, which became the symbol of the city.Amintas, most beautiful and most magnificent one of the tombs, can be reached via lots of regular stages. This tomb can also be seen from the below plains, and when you come near, the admiration against its greatness increases. At the middle part of the left column, "Herparnias's son Amintas" is written with 4th century B. C. alphabet. Identification of this person is not clearly known. There are lots of tombs, valuable to be seen, within the province. Most important one of these is the one which belongs to Lycia There is a strange appearance of the tomb ascending within sea. There is a rectangular, wooden chords reminding embcarves and a gothic style cover with arc on the two layered front side. Both sides of the cover is embossed with frisks picturing wars, and it is thought that these are belonging to the life of the person.



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