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    Paris Nightlife and Entertainment

    Paris nightlife is a bit more subdued. What it lacks in disco, it more than makes up for in elegant, quaint restaurants, many of which can be far off and away from the tourist areas. Many of these "Mom and Pop" restaurants are family owned, and specialize in authentic french cuisine, often bought fresh that day, and prepared for you just hours later. Many of the smaller restaurants will post their handwritten menu just outside the front doors, so that passers by can read what is being served without disrupting guests inside.

    After a delectable dinner, walking around the city at night is wonderfully entertaining in itself, and it is a great way to walk off those filling dinners. If you need to rest your weary feet, you can always stop at many of the beautiful cafe's scattered throughout the city. These Paris coffee houses serve up more than delicious coffee and sodas. You can choose from a selection of draft beers, both domestic and imported or even a glass of wine or mixed drink of your

    If you're looking for live music, many of the smaller pubs around the city will hang posters announcing the band or performer for the evening. The bars offer a great atmosphere to fully immerse yourself in Paris nightlife. A nice and entertaining walk is a walk up and past the location of the original Moulin Rouge. The walk will take you up a hill toward The Sacre Coure Cathedral. On your way up you can even stop for a pint of Guiness. Once at the top of the hill, which looks down on much of Paris, you can simply gaze at the twinkling lights below. Read on to find out about other interesting things to do at night in Paris such as taking in a show at the Opera or a night of cabaret in a bar once frequented by Picasso.

    Paris Nightlife Venues

    Le Batofar

    Le Batofar is a remodeled old lighthouse tugboat turned club featuring electronic, techno, and world-beat music. This trendy and stylish bar/club is famous for after parties starting at 6 a.m. 11 quai Francois Mauriac 01-56-29-10-33,


    China Club 50
    Cigar and rum bar upstairs, live music downstairs. rue de Charenton, 01-43-43-82-02.

    Au Lapin Agile
    Founded in 1960, Picasso was once a regular here. French cabaret of comedy, poetry, and song. 22 rue des Saules 01-46-06-85-87,

    Harry’s New York Bar
    Piano Bar, Best Bloody Mary in Paris, 5 rue Daunou, 01-42-61-71-14,

    Opera Garnier
    Home of Ballet de l’Opera National de Paris. Past productions include Wuthering Heights and Orpheus and Eurydice . Pl. de l’Opera, 08-92-89-90-90,




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