Palais de Justice, Brussels

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    Palais de Justice, Brussels

    Measuring 20,000 square metres, the building was designed by architect Joseph Poelaert, who died 4 years before its completion in 1883. The style is described as Assyro-Babylonian, a mixture of different styles. The building is about 3 times the size of the Royal Palace and was commissioned by Leopold II, one of the first Kings of Belgium; it took 20 years to complete and cost about $300 million in today’s terms.

    The main controversy of the Palais de Justice was the fact that 3,000 homes in the Marolles-Sablon area had to be demolished to make way for it. The people of the area were so
    In return they defiled the building on the day it was open to the public and the word ‘architect’ has become a derogatory term; ‘schieven architek’ (twisted architect).

    From the outside the Palais de Justice is an immense grey building with columns and a large golden dome. A glass elevator at the end of a bridge takes you down into the Marolles, where the ‘peasant’ and ‘working-classes’ used to roam beneath the towering symbol of justice.

    Location in Brussels
    You can find your way to the Palais de Justice by taking a walk up from the Marolles, taking the metro to Louise or a tram from the city centre to Place Louise. The tram 92 is quite handy because it comes up from the Royal Palais and Brussels Park.

    Metro stop: Louise
    Tram number: 92, stop Louise


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