Nightlife in Milan

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    Nightlife in Milan
    When you think about Milan there is one thing that you don't have to forget: Milan is not only the capital of fashion, business, but it is also the city in which nightlife means much more than a simple drawn-out dinner. (See restaurants).

    The main two areas to go out in Milan, are: around the Brera gallery and the Navigli area. Milan offers lively bars, restaurants and nightclubs, moreover some of them include live music, especially jazz music and some local bands. Clubbing starts at about 11.00 pm running to about 4 am, but if you want to be ready, start your nightlife with with the happy hour aperitifs, from about 18.00 on in one of the most famous bars and cafés. In milanese clubs the cost of a drink is about 7euro and several clubs have introduce a pay-as-you-leave-system. That is why you receive a ticket at the door that you can use for the cloakroom and it permits you to buy drinks and food. Do not loose this ticket because the fine is very high. Several clubs offer you dinner too, before the nightlife starts. This is an oppurtunity to join together food and live jazz music which is often played during dinner. At least but not the last think about your style because the most important point of going out in milan is to look your best! However if you want to have an alternative scene and less expensive, you should try the Centri Sociali with cheap or sometimes free entertainment as concerts and film showings. They also contain bars and vegetarian restaurants.


    Rolling Stone
    Address:Via Corso XXII Marzo 32
    Bus 45, 73 Tram 12, 27. It is the right place for those who love rock music, and rock concerts.

    Magazzini Generali
    Address:Via Pietrasanta 14
    Bus 90, Tram 24. Metro Lodi. This is a dance club, an exhibition space and a concert venue. Many important artists have performed there, for example Wyclef Jean.

    Address:Corso Como 15
    Metro Garibaldi.Very frequented by celebrities such as models, fashion designers, football players, and stars of tv.

    Il Gattopardo Café
    Address:Via Piero Della Francesca
    Metro Bullona. It is placed in a deconsecrated church and you could dance in the nave.

    Casablanca Café
    Address:Corso Como 14
    Metro Garibaldi. This is a disco bar and restaurant that offers commercial house music.

    Address:Via Tocqueville 13
    Metro Garibaldi, Tram 11, 29, 30, 33. The scene remember the 70s decor, it offers commercial house music. Very frequented by VIPs.

    Address:Via Tirano 14
    It offers commercial, hip hop, and latin music.

    Address:Via Valtellina, 25 (closed from Monday to Thursday)
    It is all in one: discotheque, pub, restaurant and concert hall. There are international concerts in a place which.

    Old Fashion
    Address: Viale Alemagna 6 (closed on Sunday)
    Metro 1 or 2; Tram 1; 27; 18; bus 57; 61; 70; 94
    It is situated in the same building of the Triennale in Parco Sempione. It is an elegant disco-pub and it is crowded in summer. It has a garden and an open-air dance floor, as well as a

    Nuova Idea International Disco
    Address: Via de Castilia Gaetano 30
    It was founded in 1975 as a gay disco and since that time there
    are people from all over the world celebrating the nights.

    Address: Via Tortona, 35


    Old Fox Pub
    Address:Via Cesare da Sesto 23
    It is a typical english pub that offers draught beers and cocktails

    Musical Box
    Address: Piazza Chiaradia 9
    Very nice pub with beers and cocktails.

    The Cambridge
    Address:piazzale Susa
    English pub.

    Address:Via Crispi 2
    It is a disco pub from about 22.00 pm til on. It offers aperitives too at 18.00 pm.

    Frog café
    Address:Via Savona
    It is an ethnic pub. Very good cocktails

    Address:Via Ascanio Sforza 47 Navigli
    English pub. It offers cocktails beers and also happy hour.

    Europe Café
    Address:Via Vigevano 13
    Typical european pub, draught beers and cocktails.

    El Beverin
    Address:Via Brera 29
    Nice atmosphere and nice people, singers and actors frequent this pub.

    The Biz Café
    Address:Via Corso XXII Marzo 23
    This is an American bar, it offers happy hour

    Address:Via Ascanio Sforza 41 Navigli
    American pub. Nice atmosphere happy hour too.

    Address:Via Ascanio Sforza
    It is an Irish pub in Navigli. Very nice pub good beers.

    Address:Ripa di Porta Ticinese 11
    Spanish pub very cool.




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