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    Shopping in Marmaris
    Marmaris is a shopper's paradise and it is very cheap! As cheap as it seems you can bargain and get about 30% off the prices asked, except in larger stores. Shopping here is a lot of fun, haggling and bargaining, it's great to feel you have made a super purchase.

    Shop for leather, ceramics, jewellery and carpets. You can purchase designer clothes much, much cheaply here, however, if you want originals, shop in the better stores. Netsel Marina has some great boutiques for these items. In the bazaar and markets fakes are the norm but the quality is very good all the same. The Friday market is cheaper still.

    When you visit the bazaar in particular, you will get some hassle from the vendors. After a while it becomes a little annoying, just shake your head and say no thanks. Hassling visitors is illegal here, but it happens just the same. The Turkish name for money is para. If you are bargaining for goods, the expressions 'chock para' means 'too much money', 'chock pahala' means 'too expensive' and 'para yok' means 'I have no money' useful if you are being hassled.

    When making purchases keep all receipts. Although the vast majority of places are honest, if you believe you have been overcharged or have problems either in terms of items bought or services rendered please contact us and we can assist you with any just claims.
    You can still get duty free goods here, so its a good place to stock up.
    If you want to see what's in the shops, click to go to our business/shops pages
    The Turkish culture in one of bargaining and for most this is a lot of fun, however, many visitors to Marmaris who are not comfortable with bargaining, then shopping can become an ordeal and it is very easy to end up paying over the odds. However, for those who prefer to be more certain of the value they receive we can provide you with your own 'Personal Shopper'. Your Personal Shopper will guide you to tried and tested shops and outlets that have provided ( excellent value time and time again for About Marmaris clients. The best news for you though, is that in the great tradition of About Marmaris, this service is completely free as the cost of you Personal Shopper is met by the shops and outlets. For major items it is well worth your while to use our service. See our Personal Shopper page If you would like to know more about the money and prices here visit the money pages.


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