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    Marmaris Food\ Drinks
    Marmaris Food and restaurants
    If you happen to be in the city during lunch time, there are many place where you can eat and drink. You can go to one of the local Marmaris supermarkets to buy food, go to one of the many touristy restaurants, with their international menus, or go to one of the dinners that offer local cocking. The prices range from 3 YTL (New Turkish Lira) per person, all the way to 60 YTL.

    Eating outside the hotel, is safe, though it is always good to pay attention to few simple rolls, like you do at home; See if the place is busy, if the place is clean and so on. In Marmaris, the restaurants and dinner, are located all around. If you go to Marmaris “Çarşe” (the Bazaar) in the center of Marmaris, you come upon many small food stands and dinners, where many of the locals eat out.

    Most of these places offer home made food, such as; Lentil soup, Vegetable soup, Köfte (A kind of Turkish meatball), “Şişlik”(barbecued chicken, beef), many kinds of salads and more. Many dinners and restaurants can be found along side the road that connects Marmaris to Icmeler. If you fancy “English” breakfast, Chinese, Mexican, France, Indian, Italian, you'll find it here. The same goes to the roads that lead to Armutalan. In a way, Armutalan has a bigger rang of food types and many more restaurants, then Marmaris.

    Another place that is “paved” with food courts is, the long sea side boardwalk. It is 12 k' long, and offers many colorful places to just sit, drink, eat, sing and have fun, especially, after sunset. After sunset, the boardwalk goes through metamorphoses. All around there is music, dancing waiters, “Drag” shows, Michel Jackson's shows, “Break Dance” and more. If you want to have a stuffed backed potato, just walk to town along the sea front, to town. If you are looking for something some what, more relaxed, than Icmeler is the place for you. Icmeler is more of a “low speed” place, with its slow tempo.

    For Your Information - Marmaris hotels food policy
    Know this - many hotels it is forbidden to bring into the hotel, food and drinks that were bought outside the hotel. If you do want to bring food and drinks into the hotel, you better put it into a back pack. If you put your food and drinks in the room's mini bar, take it out in the morning in put it in your bag, so “house keeping” want through it away.
    If you live in an Marmaris “apart hotel”, bringing bought food and drinks into the room, is allowed. You can shop in one of the big supermarkets or many smaller shops around town.

    More food information
    Marmaris Fast food
    It is hard to give a comprehensive description of all the restaurants and dinners in Marmaris, because: 1. there are many places to dinners in, and 2. Some places close down at the end of each season and new ones open every season. How ever, we can tell you about the deferent kinds and types of food. In Marmaris and surrounding, there fast food stands. You can have one (or two, three or more) of thus stuffed, well known, potatoes. You just tell the vendor what you want inside it, and that's that. If you prefer meat, then go to one of the “Shuwarma” stands and have a meal to go, with the almost national drink “ayran”. There are also hamburger shops, some international and some are national. If you feel like having a pizza, you can go to one of the regular Pizzerias, or if want to to try the local Pizzas, how about the local “Pide” (cheese and tomatoes), or “Lahmacun” (meat and cheese)?

    Turkish Fast Food Restaurants (Lokantas)
    This type of place is the cheapest place to eat. You can go to one of the workers' lokantas. One is on the main road at the entrance to Marmaris, next to the Beldebi road. In the Cersi, there are some lokantas, where many of the shop owners get there food from. The food is good, and made in a Turkish cocking style.

    Turkish Fast Food Restaurants (Iskembe)This kind of restaurant is based on soups (corba), when some other foods are also served there. How ever, it is mainly soup based. These places are open until 03:00 more or less.
    A big number of restaurants, bars and coffee shops (Many of them serve food as well) are located along side Netsel Marina, in in the Netsel Marina shopping center. The restaurants and coffee shops here, have international cocking and drinks style. Many of the sea people come to shop and din in that shopping center. The best time to go there, is night time. The breeze, the lights and atmosphere, makes it a good place for romantics, and people who are looking for something more quit.
    Another type of cocking, or form of food presentation, is called “Maze”. It is somewhat like the European “appetizer”, though it can be a meal on its own. One more thing, it is important to know, the Turkish food could be quite spicy for some people. So ask before you order ask this “Bahartli mi?” (is it spicy?) . If the answer is “Evet” say “Az bahart lutfen” (Not to spicy, please).

    Turkish Breakfast in Marmaris
    A typical Turkish breakfast is made up from white cheese with olive oil, honey, marmalade, black olives, some kind of egg, honey, fresh Turkish bread and tea/ coffee. Some times there are vegetables and seasonal fruit and butter. Even if you are a coffee lover, you might want to try the traditional Turkish tea. It is made by bolling tea leafs in a small tea pot, that is placed on top of a bigger tea pot, that has hot water in it. You pour some of the tea into a glass and add as much water as you want.

    Turkish Noon in Marmaris
    One of main dishes is the world known “Doner Kebab”, which is basically shredded chicken or beef, rolled up in a thin flat dough, with tomatoes, spices and garnish, “to go”. You can also have it on a plate with rice, hot papers and French fries. If you want to have it in a loaf of bread, just tell the vendor, and he will do it for you. Another favorite dish is “”Shishlik” which is a barbecued chicken on a skewer, served inside half loaf of bread, “Pide” and “Lahmacun”. Most Turks drink with it “ayran” (a kind of refreshing dairy drink).

    Turkish Dinner in Marmaris
    Traditional dinner begin with Meze, with a verity of salads, pastries, that are moved around the table (In many houses, everyone is seated on the carpeted floor) fruits, cold and hot drinks. In addition to that, many times you can find fried vegetables in olive oil, filled peppers, tomatoes, stuffed vine leafs with rice, bean salads (cold and hot). The main part of the meal (what, there is more!?) basically, few kinds of meat and poultry, lamb and barbecued sorted meats.

    Turkish Desserts in Marmaris
    If you still have room after dinner, it is time for sweets. The Turkish kitchen has a wide range of sweets (and also very sweet!). There is Baklava, which is made from thin layers of dough, when in between each layer there is a mixture of honey and crunched pistachios, baked in the oven. Flan, or rice pudding, is also available, along side with many types of honey sweets, fruits of all sorts, cakes, coffee and tea. The “Turkish” coffee, is actually imported from Yemen and Brazil.

    Turkey Alcoholic drinks In spite of the fact that Turkey is a Muslim country, most of the population is secular, thus, drinking alcohol is allowed. You can buy and drink alcohol in most places in Marmaris and Turkey. The most known Turkish drink is the “Raki”, or Ark as it also known. The Turks also call it, fondly “Lion's milk”, because when you drink it, it bites like a lion. Most people drink it with water, though if you drink it as is, people will have a great respect for you. It is up to you to decide how to drink it. The number one Turkish bear is “Efes”, that is named after the ancient Roman city next to the city of Izmir. The brewery is Efes Pilzen's basketball team sponsor. However, if you really want an imported bear, you can find that every where, as well. It will cost you more, but you can still get imported bears in Turkey. And finally, you can also get the local Turkish wines, or the more expansive imported wines. The Turkish wines, are reasonable good, so go ahead and try them.

    Turkish None alcoholic drinks
    Well, there is the national “ ayran“. It is usually a summer drink, since it is served cold, almost frozen, in some cases. It is refreshing and can give a person a well needed “bust” on hot days. So people add salt and black pepper. If you feel like having a soda or as such, you can buy them everywhere. In the supermarkets and shops, you can choose one of the fruit juices, they sell in

    One final note- if you are invited to eat in a Turkish house, you need to know that in most cases, people are eating directly from the serving dishes. It is very impolite, rude and insulting not to do the same!!!




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