Madrid Nightlife

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    Madrid Nightlife
    Madrid is one of the world's liveliest cities, a city that never sleeps (the Spanish would say it has "mucha marcha").

    During weekends or before public holidays, and also on the days running up to Christmas, it is not unusual to see more people out and about at 4, 5 or 6am in the morning than in many other cities during the day! Coincidence or not, it can hardly come as a surprise to learn that Madrileños are known locally as "gatos" (cats).

    Madrid's nightlife has something for everybody, whatever your preferences, age or nationality. And don't worry if you're with kids. Children are freely admitted in all types of bars, cafeterias and restaurants and even some pubs, although this last idea is perhaps not to be recommended ... at the very least the owner or bar staff should be consulted first.

    Start your discovery of "la noche", with this description of Madrid's night, a brief summary of the differences between bars and pubs, and a few recommendations plus areas of the city you can visit to pursue your favourite night-time activity. It's all in there: discos, pubs, bars, restaurants, flamenco and more.

    If you or one of your friends are getting married, why not come to Madrid for your Stag Party or Hen Party? Or perhaps you would like to read about Madrid's gay district, with its pubs, clubs and restaurants, together with gay-friendly

    Madrid caters for all tastes and nationalities, and its Irish pubs & bars cater for an ever increasing expat and overseas student population, together with the many locals who like to enjoy a pint of Guinness.

    Or, take the easy option ... the Madrid Nightlife Tours, different coach tours for all ages, where you will be shown the night of Madrid, safely, securely, with no queueing and with all other entrance logistics taken care of

    Whatever you do, ¡Qué lo pases bien! (Have a good time!). And don't forget to experience some typical chocolate con churros after your night on the tiles!



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