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    City Living VS Rural Living

    There are very few similarities between living in a city and living in a rural community. Both have stores including a local grocery store, gas station, bank, restaurant, and other businesses essential to one's everyday living. Another similarity is that they each have schools and community events including local celebrations of various holidays. One thing I've noticed to stand-out among all similarities between city and rural living is that no matter where I am I've always been able to find a friend. Among these very few similarities between city and rural living are a lot of differences.

    One of the main differences I've noticed between living in a city versus living in a rural area is the sense of "community" one has with their neighbors. In the small rural town I live in now, I feel as though just about everybody knows everybody else, or has at least run into them at one time or another. I believe that living in a small town allows for a stronger bond with the people who live in that town. When you see a person on a regularly frequent basis, friendships are created, and the bond of "community" begins to develop. This bond of "community" gives one the feeling that should a problem arise, there are people who care enough and who are willing to help if they are able. I didn't get this kind of feeling when I lived in a city. Because there are more people in a large city, you're not as likely to see the same person on a regular basis, and thus the friendships are not as likely to occur. Amanda Benoit described it perfectly when she said a city is like "a sea of unfamiliar faces." In the cities I have lived in, most of the time people would keep to themselves and didn't engage in friendly conversation very often unless they happened to know the person from work or through family.

    Another difference between city living and rural living is the distance required to travel between places. While living in Vermont, I've discovered that most rural towns are fairly distant from any major shopping malls, movie theatres, and similar types of businesses, with the exception of the local stores.

    The feeling of "community" is comforting and I've always loved making new friends. I highly recommend to everybody that they take a moment of their busy day, no matter where they live, to "stop and smell the flowers." Take a moment to witness Mother Nature and what she has to offer, you may be surprised at what you find.

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