Königstraße Stuttgart

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    Königstraße Stuttgart

    The lower part of the Königstraße up as far as the Schlossplatz (Palace Square) was laid out at the beginning of the 19th century during the reign of Friedrich, the first king of Württemberg, when he moved the royal stables and the Eberhardskirche (St. Eberhard's Church) here from Solitude Palace. The start of the pedestrian precinct, where Stuttgart Marketing GmbH's "i-Punkt" tourist information centre is now located, was once the site of the Königstor, or King's Gate, before its remains were demolished in 1922.

    For the 1977 national gardening exhibition the approx. 400 metres of the lower Königstraße were redesigned as a pedestrian precinct with fountains, trees, kiosks and playground equipment by the Stuttgart architects' office Behnisch.turkeyarena.com
    It therefore now forms the beginning of the city's 1200 m long, straight main shopping street, which is divided into two parts by the Schlossplatz (Palace Square).


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