Kaputas Beach

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    Kaputaş Beach
    Kaputas Beach is a short and small beach between Kaş and Kalkan in southwestern Turkey. It is situated on beautiful kas-kalkan road at a distance of 7 km from Kalkan and 20 km from Kaş, at a point where an extremely narrow valley towered by steep cliffs and forests joins the sea. Kaputas is a gorgeous cove at the base of a steep gorge running from the Taurus mountains. The beach is quite popular among visitors to the region due to its untouched natural beauty commanded by a view from the heights traversed by Kaş-Kalkan road.turkeyarena.com The beach is reached by parking in a roadside layby and walking down a series of steps to the beach, when half way down the steps there is a choice of directions carry straight forwards as the bottom of the right hand fork has been washed away ina storm. At most times of the year the sea is calm here and good for swimming. You might want to take beach shoes before coming to Kaputas. Please be aware that there is no cafe or other buildings around this beach and little natural shade, it is also quite a climb back up to the layby.



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