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    İngilizce iş yazışma ve iş mektubu nasıl yazılır?
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    Your counter proposal on the above referenced project has been reviewed and is acceptable in its entirety.

    We are enclosing an executed copy of the agreement along with two copies for your files.

    We are enthusiastically looking forward to this project and are pleased about having the opportunity to work



    Date: _

    To: _ (Applicant)

    We appreciate your interest in being employed by our firm. We regret to inform you, however, that the available position(s) has been filled, and we cannot give your application further consideration at the present time. Your application will be kept on file for future reference should an opening arise.

    Very truly,



    It is true, we are going out of business!

    My wife and I have decided that now that the children are grown, we are going to do some of things we could only dream about for so many years.

    So, starting on (date), everything in our store which includes our merchandise, our racks, our fixtures, our showcases and even our delivery truck will be up for sale and prices that are too good to be true.

    As a good and valuable customer of ours, we thought you would be interested in this advance notice of sale that we are sending out today.

    We will look forward to seeing you on the (date)

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