Gumuldur - Ozdere Beach

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    Gümüldür - Özdere Beach
    It is a holiday district which is prefered with its sunny weather, sand and the sea on the coastal line of 8 kms. through Kuşadası - Seferihisar. Gümüldür is motionous in four seasons due to its tourism industry and citrus fruits trade. Özdere is an emportant touristic holiday district with its small bays located on Kuşadası - Çeşme coastal belt of 22 km. and beaches with its clean sea sand, and sun. It is a place for relaxing and it place for the amateur fishermen due to hunting. The mountain sports can be done in pine forests. It is active during four seasons in this holiday district, capasity of bed is around 5000 and it is 79 kms. further than Izmir.


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