Frankfurt Transportation

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    Frankfurt Transportation

    Mass Transit:
    Frankfurt has one of the most extensive transportation systems among the cities of the world. Frankfurt's public transportation system consists of the U-Bahn or the underground rail, and the S-Bahn or the overground trains. The U-Bahn is run by RMV - Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund, which also runs buses and trams. The S-Bahn of Frankfurt is known for its delays. Usually, during morning hours, delays up to 15-20 minutes happen. So, if you are planning to go in the S-Bahn for an urgent appointment, be sure to keep sufficient margin for the delays. RMV provides seven underground trains, eight trams, and more than 40 bus lines. Deutsche Bahn runs the network of overground trains. If you are planning on undertaking extensive travel, it would be advisable to buy a one-day pass, which allows unlimited travel for one day.

    The main airport of Frankfurt is Frankfurt International Airport. It is the largest airport in the continent of Europe. It holds the third or fourth rank among airports of all world cities. Every week, more than 40,000 flights from 110 airlines cross through this airport. It services a total of 290 destinations in 190 countries. Frankfurt International Airport is a major hub of Germany's national airline, Lufthansa. There is another smaller airport about ninety miles away from Frankfurt, called Frankfurt/Hahn

    You can hail taxis on the streets of Frankfurt. You can also order taxis by phone or find them at the hotel stands. There is a central taxi agency in Frankfurt from where you can order taxis by phone. This is Taxi Zentrale (Phone: (069)230 001 or 250 000).

    Online Booking of Flights:
    Frankfurt is among the most important cities of the world. Frankfurt International Airport is among the busiest airports of the world. Some of the airlines whose flights fly to Frankfurt are Air Baltic, Air One, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air China, Alitalia, Kuwait Airways, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Air France, Malaysia Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Gulf Air, and Qantas. Many of these airlines offer the facility of online booking of tickets to and from Frankfurt.

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