Florence Restaurants

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    Florence Restaurants
    Loggia Terrace Restaurant
    Villa San Michele, Via di Doccia 4, Fiesole, Florence, 50014
    Tel: +39 55 59451

    Enoteca Pinchiorri
    Via Ghibellina 87, Florence 50122
    Tel: +39 55 24277 7 Fax: +39 55 24498 3

    Via dei Macci 118 Florence 50122
    Tel: +39 55 23411 00 Fax: +39 55 24496 6

    Via de Panzani 9, Florence 50123
    Tel: +39 55 21155 9 Fax: +39 55 21029 3

    Don Chisciotte
    Via Ridolfi 4r, Florence 50129
    Tel: +39 55 47543 0 Fax: +39 55 48530 5

    Taverna del Bronzino
    Via delle Ruote 25/27, Florence 50129
    Tel: +39 55 50129 Fax: +39 55 46200 76

    La Giostra
    Borgo Pinti 12r, Florence
    Tel: +39 55 24134 1

    Le Fonticine
    Via Nazionale 79r, Florence 50123
    Tel: +39 55 28210 6

    La Maremmana
    Via dei Macci 77r, Florence
    Tel: +39 55 24122 6

    Osteria n.1
    Via del Moro 20r, Florence 50123
    Tel: +39 55 28489 7 Fax: +39 55 29431 8

    Trattoria Vittoria
    Via della Fonderia 52r, Florence 50142
    Tel: +39 55 22565 7

    Enoteca Pane e Vino
    Via di San Niccolo 70, Florence 50125
    Tel: +39 55 24769 56 Fax: +39 55 24769 56

    Via dei Tavolini 12r, Florence 50122
    Tel: +39 55 21621 5 Fax: +39 55 21621 5

    La Baraonda
    Via Ghibellina 67r, Florence 50122
    Tel: +39 55 23411 71 Fax: +39 55 23411 71

    HOSTARIA DEL BRICCO - 8r Via San Niccolò, 50100 Firenze 055.2345037
    This restaurant offers really typical dishes from the Tuscan tradition and a variety of carefully well prepared dishes from the large range of the best italian cuisine. A rich choise of important european wines and distillates are to be found in its cellars. Reasonable prices.

    RISTORANTE NATALINO - 17r Borgo Degli Albizi , 50100 Firenze 055.289404
    Close to the wonderful cathedral of Santa Croce, this ancient restaurant is located in a beautiful and antique florentine building sorrounded by art. Its specialities of meat and fish awake the taste of antiquity in an exellent and attractive blend. Medium Prices.

    ACQUA AL 2 - 40r Via Della Vigna Vecchia, 50122 Firenze 055.284170
    An international restaurant: young comfortable and classy. Fine food and ambiance, with a rich menu and a vast selection of wines make this restaurant a place where to spend an unforgettable evening. Medium prices.

    CAFFE' LA TORRE -65r Lungarno Cellini, 50100 Firenze 055.680643
    Always open, the only place where you can find people, food, drinks and cigarettes in the middle of the night in Florence. Tables outside in the good season. Avg prices.

    FUORIPORTA -10r Via Monte alle Croci, 50100 Firenze 055.2342483
    This little big tavern offers you typical Tuscan food and a vast selection of wines evey day for lunch and dinner. It is found in front of one of the most ancient doors of the primitive walls of Florence and offers you an outside veranda in good season. Medium to high prices.

    L'ERTA DEL MANGIA - Giardino di San Francesco, Fiesole - Firenze 329 - 4498476
    This place is not the best restaurant in town but is located in one amazingly ancient place, made by Etruscans many centuries B.C. From here is possible to see the entire city of Florence and get some fresh air while having some good drinks and food in a really friendly and funny environment. Very reasonable prices.

    ALLA VECCHIA BETTOLA - 34r Via Luigi Ariosto, 50100 Firenze 055.224158
    One of the best places in Florence where to taste a real " BISTECCA ALLA FIORENTINA" and drink a good Tuscan wine . A typical and relaxing place, perfect for a romantic evening. Family run. Medium prices.


    RISTORANTE RICCHI - 8/9r Piazza Santo Spirito, 50100 Firenze 055.215864
    In the middle of Piazza Santo Spirito, one of the Brunelleschi masterpieces, one of the few places in Florence where to eat real good seafood.Classy ambiance, large wine selection. Tables outside in the good season. Medium to high prices.

    CAVOLO NERO - 22/R Via Dell'Ardiglione, 50124 Firenze 055 294744
    Here ,the high quality of the raw materials of the region meets the richness of the tradition and inspires many inventions. A pleasant and relaxing ambiance, fashionable but not too much, offers you politeness, good food and wine. Reasonable prices

    RISTORANTE PIANSA -18r Via Borgo Pinti, 50121 Firenze 055.2342362
    A suggestive ambience with an antique look. You can have breakfast , lunch or dinner here , or you can simply stay for a coffee or a drink. And for those who have a sweet tooth and have difficult tastes we have a vast selection of fresh pastry. Good prices.

    LA GIOSTRA - Via Borgo Pinti, 12r - 50121 Firenze 055.241341
    A carousel of delicacies to taste everyday, in a place of special tastes. For the ones who are fond of good food this indescribable refinement will touch even your heart.

    IL MICIO - Via Frà Bartolommeo, 52 R - Florence 055 573257
    Traditional and creative tuscan cooking with a wide list of wines and grapes. Menu and wine list with prices, map, photo gallery and contacts.

    TRATTORIA DEL CARMINE -Piazza del Carmine, 18r - 50124 Firenze 055.218601
    Are you looking for a family run eating house, informal, with a traditional homely kitchen, tuscan and national? Then come and visit us and you will remain satisfied from our hospitality and our fantastic delicacies. Reasonable prices.

    COQUINARIUS -Via delle Oche, 15r - 50100 Firenze 055.2302153
    Located in the center: Greatly demanded and special dishes, italian and outlandish, for those who follow a diet and for those who don't and for those who want to commit a sin of gluttony. Here you will feel the sweet scent of Italian and foreign wines and delicacies ,unique in their kind: Available at any time.

    RISTORANTE PIZZERIA L'ASSASSINO -Via Senese, 17/d-e-f - 50124 Firenze 055.225877
    L'assassino is ready to act with its typical fish cookings, and not only this. Here you will also find other delicacies. Do you want to come and visit us? L'assassino is waiting for you with arms wide open!

    IL CANTINONE -Via Santo Spirito, 6r - 50100 Firenze 055.218898
    Little florentine paradise, where the typical dishes of this city will find the taste and the genuinity that they once had. A qualitative leap for the ones who look for tradition and modesty, all this in this little "candy".


    IL CANTASTORIE -Via Condotta, 9r - 50122 Firenze 055.2396804
    Fun, pleasure and good music are the right elements for a "ad hoc" dinner. Il Cantastorie is a vast ambient and knows how to "treat right" the people who come to visit it and want to come back again.

    TRATTORIA I'PARIONE - Via Parione, 74/76r - 50100 Firenze 055.214005
    Not everybody knows that here you can taste fish and meat, not to mention all the appetizers, pastry and much more... A small ambience but very big in terms of hospitality towards the customers; style, elegance and cordiality are its "strong points".

    POLLY MAGU ' - Via Panicale, 27/29r - 50123 Firenze 055.2302259
    We are open from the morning until late in the evening. This typical restaurant is in the historic center of the city, just a few meters from the Duomo square and the train station. Here you can taste typical florentine dishes accompanied by exellent wines made in Chianti and sorrounded by centuries of history.

    DANNYROCK -Via Pandolfini, 13r - 50122 Firenze 055.2340307.
    A typical place worth visiting for the ones who are looking for special or traditional dishes. We offer a rich menu in which you can find everuthing from appetisers to pastry, from pizza to hamburger. Here you will find kindness and a touch of magic.

    IL RIFRULLO -Via Pandolfini, 13r - 50122 Firenze 055.2340307
    Are you looking for a place where you will be "treated right" before you go wild in the discotheque? Il Rifrullo is waiting to give you a sparkling welcome with its music and its aperitifs. You may stay in its interior ambience or go out in its vast porch where you will have an exiting experince under the candel lights.

    TRATTORIA IL GIOVA Via Borgo La Croce, 73r - 50100 Firenze 055.2480639
    Small eating house in the center of Florence, an ideal place for a romantic dinner. A large selection of dishes and wines will complete a night to remember. Those who want international dishes will also have a vast selection. A menu fit for any occasion.

    TRATTORIA I TREDICI GOBBI - Via Del Porcellana, 9r - 50123 Firenze 055.284015
    This eating house is found in the historical center of Florence and offers you typical traditional and genuine florentine dishes like they were made in the past. A preferred place not only for florentine people but also from foreigners. Come and explore it.

    LA ROTONDA -Via Il Prato, 12 - 50123 Firenze 055.2654644
    For those who want special and appetizing dishes, suited to the season, La Rotonda meets these requirements. Here you will also find a vast selection of home-made and international wines and beers, for every taste and need.


    DIVINUS -Via dell'Orto, 35a - Firenze 055.224148
    Traditional ambience, build with stone and red brick, where you can see the girders and the dim lights. A rich menu of wines in modern style. We serve Tuscan dishes especially various croutons, soups, crepes and much more. Come to Divinus and you will find out that...

    RISTORANTE ALLE MURATE -Via del Proconsolo, 16r - 50122 Firenze 055.240618
    Our strength is simplicity. Our cooking is basically of regional tradition and its flavours are shaped from the choise of the right ingredients. Wide choise of Italian wines with particular attention for the fresh offers of the small manufacturers: A labyrinth of flavours and perfumes!!

    LA BUCA DI PORSENNA (SIENA) -Via delle Donzelle, 1 - 53100 Siena 0577.44431
    It is build upon a tuff during the middle ages. An evocative ambience wich offers antique Tuscan flavours. These are the strong points of this exellent place.

    OSTERIA CAFFE 'ITALIANO -Via della Condotta, 12 - 50122 Firenze 055.289020
    An ambience suffused with music and an evocative atmosphere are the ingredients we offer for the ones who want to spend the most beautiful hours of the day and the evening accompanied by tasty and delicious specialities. Here you can touch the past with your own hand.

    RISTORANTE GARIBARDI - Piazza Del Mercato Centrale, 38r - 50123 Firenze 055.212267
    It is found in the center of Florence. A rustic but comfortable place which is suitable even for handicapped persons being free of architectonic obstacles. In good wheather, it is also possible to eat outside. The menu is suitable for the tourists but also fo those who want simple and tasteful dishes.


    I QUATTRO LEONI Via Vellutini, 1r - 50125 Firenze 055.218562
    An ambience safe from prying eyes which constitutes a gem of magic. A funny place in spring and very emotional in winter. Traditional cooking, good wine but most of all hospitality and care are its strong points. Keep this address within reach:

    IL FRANCESCANO - Largo Bargellini, 16 - 50122 Firenze 055.241605
    An ambience close too the wonderful cathedral of Santa Croce which offers an exclusive menu of Florentine tradition. When you are inside, it feels like home and the time passes so fast.turkeyarena.com

    IL GARGA -Via delle Belle Donne, 3 - 50123 Firenze 055.211396
    If you want a special place you don't have too look further; Here you will feel home sorrounded by friends. Amidst a dish and a good glass of wine you will have an unforgettable time.

    MAMMA GINA - Borgo S.Jacopo, 37/r - 50100 Firenze 055.2396009
    A vast selection of dishes and wines in a restaurant which is one of a kind. Tradition and genuineness meet to please your mouth and your eyes. Here feels like we are gone back in the past and that the time is standing still.

    OMERO - Via Pian De' Giullari, 11r - 50125 Firenze 055.220053
    Quite close to Michelangelo square. A restaurant which offers traditional, tasty dishes and good wine. It holds spacious saloons and a summertime terrace which looks at the wonderful Florentine hills.

    SORPAOLO -Via Cassia Per Firenze, 38/40 - 50026 San Casciano In Val Di Pesa (FI) 055.828402
    Set among the hills of Chianti. Here feels like the time is standing still; Unique dishes with ingredients from a past never past. The harmony, the perfumes of the season and the love for the tasty fruits of this region make this place unique.

    ANTICO FATTORE -Via Lambertesca, 1/3r - 50100 Firenze 055.288975
    If you want to taste a good Florentine tripe you are in the right place. Everyone who comes to visit us remains satisfied. You have our guarantee!


    DANTE - Piazza Nazario Sauro 12r - 50125 Firenze 055.219219
    If you don't know what to choose between sea and earth food, in our restaurant you will be spoilt for choice. For those who have a sweet tooth we have delicious homemade pastry. A place worthy to consider for times to remember.

    IL PORCOSPINO -Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini 11/12r - 50123 Firenze 055.217700
    A little masterpiece of frescos, paintings and architecture found in the front of The Medici chapel. Right in the entrance there is a romantic garden where lovers can have dinner under candle lights.

    CAPOCACCIA - Lungarno Corsini, 12r - 50100 Firenze 055.210751
    Restaurant skilled in fast feeding. Offers rolls, salads and cold dishes. It becomes an ideal place in the evening for an aperitif and good music or a snack after the cinema or theatre. An elegant ambience where to get together with your friends.

    ENOTRIA -Via Delle Porte Nuove, 50r - 50144 Firenze 055.354350
    It started its activity in 1989 as a winebar and in 1997 it became a restaurant and wine shop. Offers typical Tuscan dishes. A vast menu with tasty and special cookings.

    HOSTERIA DA GANINO -Piazza Cimatori, 4r - 50100 Firenze 055.214125
    A small, nice and casual restaurant found right after Uffizi with a tradition for good cooking. Special Florentine cookings which you can taste in company in a night to remember. Medium to high prices.

    FIASCHETTERIA BALDUCCI Via Marconi, 24r - 50132 Firenze 055.5002332
    The same family have run for years and years this place where to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Good food and wine, low prices.

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