Europe Carrie Şarkısı Sözü Lyrics

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    Europe Carrie Şarkısı
    Europe Carrie Şarkı Sözleri

    When light goes down, I see no reason

    For you to cry. We`ve been through this before

    In every time, in every season,

    God knows I`ve tried

    So please don`t ask for more.

    Can`t you see it in my eyes

    This might be our last goodbye

    Carrie, Carrie, things they change my friend

    Carrie, Carrie, maybe we`ll meet again

    I read your mind, with no intentions

    Of being unkind, I wish I could explain

    It all takes time, a whole lot of patience

    If it`s a crime, how come I feel no pain

    Europe Carrie Lyrics Şarkısı Sözleri

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