Eskişehir İngilizce Tanıtımı

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    İngilizce Eskişehir İlinin Tantımı

    Eskişehir is a city in Turkey, prefecture of the province of the same nom.La Eskişehir province has an area of 13,652 km2. It has 706,009 inhabitants.

    The city was founded near the historic ruins of Dorylaeum, where the armies of Crusaders defeated the Seljuk armies in 1097 The name ("Old Town") Eskişehir probably comes from the ruins.

    Growing importance went to the Seljuk era and after the Ottoman era. The Alaeddin mosque belonging to the Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat is covered with tiles. Kurşunlu Mosque, built in 1525, and his Medreseh are examples of Ottoman-Turkish classical architecture. These books are all attributed to the architect Sinan.

    Statues, capitals and epigraphic inscriptions found in the region gathered at Eskişehir Museum. In the city, the objects that attract the attention of tourists are: pipes and rods made of a special stone called (Lületaşı) "meerschaum" (silicate of magnesia). Like them in Europe and are sought for centuries. The tomb of the great philosopher Yunus Emre is the same here. The suburb of Çifteler, we see rocks with inscriptions; this region is called the city of Midas (Midas Sehri) and it seems that the tomb of King Midas is right here.

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