Dünyanın en pahalı ama hiç bir işe yaramayan edavatları

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    [​IMG] Dünya'nın En Pahalı Ama Hiç Bir İşe Yaramayan Edevatları
    Damien Hirst’s Skull

    Damien Hirst’s sculpture, titled “For The Love of God”. It represents a platinum skull encrusted with 8,601 diamonds, eye and nose sockets filled with hundreds of jewels and a 52-carat pear-shaped stone fixed on the forehead, which is further bordered with 14 diamonds. It was influenced by Mexican skulls encrusted in turquoise. The skull has been sold to an investment group for $100 million. ​

    Bikini by Susan Rosen

    The bikini, designed by Susan Rosen with Steinmetz Diamonds, is made of over 150 carats of D Flawless diamonds. Among these are also the rarest in the world including a 51-carat, pear-shaped diamond, a 30-carat emerald cut, a pair of 15 carat rounds and a pair of eight carat pear shaped. This world’s most expensive bikini cost $30 million USD. ​

    Doll by Christian Bailly

    The world's most expensive doll costs $6,250,000 US dollars. Its name is L’Oiseleur (The Bird Trainer). It is a 4-foot tall automaton doll with sword, flute, a pair of singing birds, and wonderful Renaissance era clothing. It does not use electricity or any motors at all. It runs purely on spring driven cogs and gears. The Bird Trainer’s price of $6,250,000 US dollars. ​

    Shoes by Stuart Weizman

    The world’s most expensive shoes are those designed by Stuart Weizman. Their price is $2,000,000. They have a four and a half inch stiletto heel and are enchased with 595 carats of platinum set diamonds. ​

    Diamond Crypto Smartphone

    The world famous Austrian jeweler, Mr. Peter Aloisson, is a creator of a Diamond Crypto Smartphone. The Smartphone is made of solid platinum 950. The logo and the navigation key are made of 18 carat rose gold, optional made of 18 carat yellow gold. Also the navigation key carries 28 round cut diamonds. The wooden parts of the phone are made of Makassar ebony and carbon. The price of the luxurious Diamond Crypto Smartphone is USD 1.300.000. ​

    Action Comics #1

    Action Comics #1, published in 1938 is the most expensive comic book in the world. It is considered the first true Superhero comic. It was sold for $500,000.00 USD ​

    Diamond-Studded Trousers

    An Australian designer has recently sold a diamond-studded pair of trousers for $114,000. Made of the leather of a wild red deer, and decked with 166 diamonds set in gold, the trousers were bought by a German, living in Dubai ​

    Teddy Bear

    A German firm has created the world's most expensive teddy bears. Its fur is made of real gold, and eyes are encrusted with sapphires and diamonds. Only 125 of the collectible edition bears were produced. They came with a price tag of 62,446 Euros (about $84,000 USD) ​

    Nintendo Game Boy

    Nintendo Game Boy’s price is $25,000. It’s made in solid 18K yellow gold and the display screen on it is paved with diamonds. The game boy also features diamonds set on/off buttons and it comes for a rich price tag of $25,000. ​

    USB Stick

    The most expensive USB Stick is decorated with diamonds and gold and offers you to take 14 or 18 carat gold stick . Its retailed price is $ 3,500 (with diamonds) and $ 2,800 without them​

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