Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

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    Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

    Christiansborg Palace is the most important building in Denmark today. The Palace is the centre of Danish democracy as the seat of the Folketinget (the Danish Parliament), the Supreme Court, the Prime Minister's office, and the Royal Reception Rooms.

    Christiansborg is situated in the small Slotsholmen, the Palace Island, and for almost a thousand years this has been the site for parliament and sovereigns ever since the times of Arch Bishop Absalon, in the 12th century. He erected the first palace in Slottsholmen, which stood over 200 years, unitl it was demolished by the Hanseatic cities.

    During the centuries to come, kings have been crowned an married in the royal palaces on this site where palaces has been erected, burnt down and erected again. The last fire was in

    The palace of today dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and is built on the ruins of the former royal palaces. Parts of the palace is opened to public.


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