Cape Sounion Beach, Athens, Greece

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    Cape Sounion

    Situated at 65km from Athens, this is an amazing site that can't be missed. Majestic, rising out of the Aegean, this splendid rocky promontory carry on its highest point the Temple of Poseidon. Constructed around 600 BC it was destroyed in 480 BC by the Persians and rebuilt in 440 BC by Pericles. If you look closely at the Doric columns rising above the coast you can find, on one of them, the signature of Lord Byron who was so captured by the beauty and the grace of the temple that he included it in his paean to Greek independence in his poem "Isles of Greece".

    An hour from the temple you can find some nice beaches. Some are owned by hotels which charge you to let you swim but you there are a lot of free public beaches as well and some seaside stretches (along the bus route) which are always almost

    Location: 68 km southeast from the centre of Athens.

    Description: Cape Sounion is a sandy beach with taverns and cafes in close proximity.


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