Beylerbeyi Sarayı Hakkında İngilizce Bilgi

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    Beylerbeyi Sarayı Hakkında İngilizce Bilgi
    Beylerbeyi Palace
    Beylerbeyi, where the Asian pillar of the Bosphorus Bridge sits, is a pleasant district that has been reserved for palaces since the Byzantine era. Beylerbeyi Palace was built by Sultan Abdulmecid between 1861-1865 on the site of another wooden mansion. The exterior and interior decoration is a blend of Eastern, Turkish and Western motifs. The three-storied building is divided into two sections, the harem (for women) and the selamhk (for men), and has 26 rooms and 6 halls. The original furniture, carpets, curtains and other fixtures have been preserved in good condition.

    The decorations of the facade on the seaside, the well-kept gardens, the hall with a pool in the central section, and the spiral staircase are some of the eye-catching features of the palace.turkeyarena

    At the back of the building there is a large pool, as well as the terraces and the stables, the latter very good examples of their kind. Previously, the main road that was used until the 1970's passed through a tunnel beneath the palace garden. Two small pavilions on the quay served recreational purposes. The palace was also used to accommodate visiting state dignitaries. This palace-museum is open to visitors throughout the year.

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