Batıl İnançların İngilizce Yazılışları

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  1. Misafir Guest

    Batıl inançların İngilizce yazılışları nedir?

  2. RüzGaR Super Moderator

    • Walking under a ladder will bring bad luck
    • If a person breaks a mirror, he will have bad luck for seven years or somebody in his family will die. To prevent this, pieces of the broken mirror should be buried immediately.
    • If a black cat passes in front of you, it will bring bad luck.
    • If someone hands a cutting utensil, like a knife or scissors, directly to someone, they will fight. To prevent a fight, the giver should put the utensil on the ground, a table, desk or chair, so the receiver can pick it up.
    • You should get out of the bed from the right side so that your day starts well.
    • You should enter your house with your right foot so you will have happiness in your house.
    • A shop owner enters his establishment with his right foot so he’ll get good business.
    • You should not cut your nails at night. Turkish people believe that you will shorten your life for shortening your nails at night.
    • You shouldn’t whistle at night because it brings evil.
    • You shouldn’t sweep your house at night. Sweeping at night brings poverty to the house.
    • Washing clothes on Saturday brings bad luck.
    • If a woman with a headache enters a mosque and sweeps it with her scarf, her headache will go away.
    • If a dog barks during the call for prayer, someone in the neighborhood will die.
    • If you light a cigarette with a candle, a sailor will die at sea.
    • If you see a snake on your way somewhere, it’s a sign of good luck.
    • If you measure a baby’s length, the baby will remain short.
    • If a person steps over a baby, it’s considered bad luck since babies are assumed to be angels.
    • If a young girl wears a married man’s ring, she will have bad luck in her marriage.

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