Athens Restaurants

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    Athens Restaurants
    For Greeks, eating out is a way of life, an entertainment. Local taverns are places where most of Greeks enjoy their food and drinks until late at night (2 or 3 am) before going to a night club. It is possible to eat at every hour of the day in a tavern, a grill place, a restaurant, a fast food or a souvlaki place. Dinner never starts before 9- 9.30 pm. The wide range of local taverns propose traditional cuisine with appetizers such as the famous tzatziki and horiatiki salad, a choice of grilled meats, assortments of seafood and typical Greek wine or ouzo.

    Most of the taverns are quite cheap for the quality they offer. Some of them even have live bands playing traditional Greek music to accompany the meal and dance all night long.

    A wide range of restaurant proposing Greek or international cuisine can be found in Athens from quite cheap to very luxurious and elegant ones.
    Service charges are always included in the bill and the customer can add a tip if he likes to (the custom is usually to live a small amount to thanks for the service).


    Athenaeum InterContinental Athens, 89-93 Syngrou Avenue, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 920 6000​

    Royal Restaurant
    Royal Olympic Hotel, 28-32 Diakou Street, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 928 8400 | Fax: +30 210 923 3317​

    80 Veikou Street, Koukaki, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 921 3013​

    Evangelismos Park, opposite Hilton Hotel, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 721 0893​

    46 Erechthion Street, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 922 5321​

    Pentelikon Hotel, 66 Deligianni Street, Kifissia, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 623 0650​

    80 Piraeus Street, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 522 8400​

    3 Stratigou Plastira Street, Tabouria, Piraeus, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 462 9620​

    8 Paster Street, Mavili Square, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 646 3060​

    Royal Thai
    8 Zirini Street, Kifissia, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 623 2322​

    7 Navarhou Apostoli Street, Psirri, Athens
    Tel: +30 210 321 1200​

    Altamira is one of the most famous Athens Restaurants and offers tatstes from all over the world. Situated in an old house and offers an unforgetable atmosphere.

    Tsakalof 36A, kolonaki - tel: 210 3614695

    One of the most famous restaurants in Plaka, it combines luxury and the simplicity of the Greek cuisine.(

    Pandrossou 15 and Mnisikleous, Plaka. Tel: 210-3246725


    Inside the heart of Athens, on a small road in Kolonaki -Mantzarou, there is an old neoclassical house which dates back to 1830 which offers a great atmosphere.

    Mantzarou 3 & Solonos, kolonaki - tel: 210 3633144

    A French restaurant in the famous neigbourhood of Kolonaki.

    Xenokratous 51, Gazi tel:

    The name - inspired by the Dutch style named by Mondrian - describes exactly what it really is: A stylish, trendy party restaurant, one of the best in the city. Well worth the drive to Glyfada



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