Aspendos İngilizce Tanıtımı

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    Aspendos İngilizce Tanıtımı
    Aspendos is known for his best-preserved theater of antiquity with seating for 15.000. Still used today the theater's galleries stage decorations and acoustics all testify to the architects success. Nearby stand the remains of a basilica agora and one of the largest aqueducts in Anatolia.

    This city on the shores of the ancient Eurymedonbuilt by the colonial people from Argosis renown over the world because of its Roman amphitheater of incrediple beautythat is still in excellent shape .Aspendus was the only citybesides Sidethat minted silver coins in 5th C.AD.The city walls were built in the Hellenistic period and were repaired restored in the late Roman period and in the Byzantine period. Aspendos is divided into two:Lower City and (Upper)High City. The AgoraBasilicaBouleterion and the monumental fountain situated in the High City and the Theater Stadiumthe Roman Baths and the Water aqueducts situated in the Lower City are definitely worth seeing.The Aspendos Theater holds 15000 people and was built by the famous Aspendosian architect Zenonin Marcus Aurelius’time(secondhalfof2AD). This theater is in better condition than all other theaters built in the ancient times .In order to keep with Hellenistic traditionsa small part of the theater was built so that it leaned against the hill where the Citadel (Acropolis)stoodwhile almost all of the other parts were buit onvaulted arches . The high stage served to seemingly isolate the audience from the rest of the world.The very top section of this stage has been repaired and the acoustics were ameliorated with later additons .Because the stage area was later used as a caravansarai in Seljuk timesit was continuously repaired and maintained .Thusthe Aspendos Theater has been able to survive to this days without losing almost any of its original qualities.

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